September 26, 2023

The giant Cupertino-based Apple announced shortly after announcing the introduction of a new self-healing program that would allow users to purchase components of Apple products and fix them themselves or ask a technician to repair them. Currently, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is also planning to launch its own self-healing program, the company announced on Twitter. According to the company, the self-repair program takes the customer focus one step further.

“We care. For us, it’s always about you. It’s about your experience with us. We’ve always put you first. And now we’re We’re making things even higher just for you. We care. Xiaomi’s tweets also include an image showing a “service simplification” graphic, which is actually a self-healing program. It suggests that. The images shared by Xiaomi also show the UI of the smartphone and some figures such as both hands coming out of the smartphone and touching themselves, a person riding a rocket on a laptop, and so on.Since the tweet is published from the Twitter handle of Xiaomi India, the service is India beginning.

The company doesn’t reveal much about the initiative, but the image is said to suggest that it wants to provide better service and repairability for tools, manuals, parts and more. We hope to learn more about Xiaomi’s self-healing program in the coming days or weeks.

Recently, Apple announced a self-healing program for its customers. Under this program, Apple will launch a website where users can purchase parts for their products to repair their devices themselves. Users can also get the help of a technician after purchasing these components from Apple.

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After Apple, Xiaomi will allow you to repair your phone yourself

Source link After Apple, Xiaomi will allow you to repair your phone yourself

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