November 29, 2023

As a couple in the dating world, it’s not always the easiest to find a match in person. Depending on your area, it can sometimes be downright impossible. Today, we want to help you find your unicorn. We’re going to show you how to choose between all the dating sites out there. Then, we’ll show you our top 7 couples dating site recommendations.

Fortunately, there are more dating sites and apps than ever before. We’ll walk you through the greatest platforms the web has to offer. Let’s dive into our guide on the best couples dating sites.

Top 10 Couples Dating Sites

Adult Friend Finder

One of the largest couples dating sites on the web, Adult Friend Finder is also one of the oldest. It’s been around since 1996, so it’s had time for its roots to set in. Since then, it’s grown to have over 104 million profiles on its database. 

Overall, AFF is the largest swinger and open sexual relationship platform in the industry. It was an obvious choice to mention first in our top 7 couples dating site guide. 

Adult Friend Finder has over 25 million monthly users, and all browsing on the site is free. That means you can scroll through all the blog posts, forums, and look through community groups. Since many parts of the site are dedicated to the swinger lifestyle, it’s easy for a couple to find what they’re looking for. 

However, you can only post blogs for free. The rest is locked behind a monthly paid plan. For couples serious about taking their relationship to the next level or finding a third, Adult Friend Finder may be the pick you need.

Ashley Madison

Of the dating sites on our list, Ashley Madison is undeniably one of the most popular available. Not necessarily the most ethically non-monogamous sites, this is where affairs happen — like a lot of them. As swingers or polyamorous couples, it just takes explaining that it’s not cheating.

With over 54 million profiles worldwide and 5.7 monthly users, the site is ripe for couples to find a match. Whether you’re swinging or looking for a threesome, Ashley Madison can help the not-so-single match up.

New users on the site can identify as single, attached, or even “prefer not to say” if you don’t want to disclose it. With Ashley Madison, helping you stay discreet is one of their biggest goals.

As a bonus, there are travel-friendly features that can help couples seek matches in other cities. Get exactly what you want out of a couples dating site when it comes to Ashley Madison. 


If you’re seeking a specific arrangement, look no further than findyourthreesome. The platform is well known to provide opportunities to users from all across the world. 

One of the leading dating sites for attractive and successful people, there are over 500,000 members across the platform. If you’re a couple looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, this may be the perfect site to dip your toes into. 

Likewise, it’s perfect if you’re good at spelling out in earnest what you’re looking for. Be very clear and transparent in your bio and your matches will come to you. We recommend findyourthreesome for the successful or attractive couples that are in search of something new and exciting.


Feeld is a place many call home. The site is perfect for couples looking for a serious part in their open relationship. Alternatively, it’s also used just as often to arrange threesomes. Created by a man in an open relationship, it’s a threesome app that can do so much more. 

It’s pro-kink, but it’s also pro-love. Polyamorous couples looking for a serious partner to add to their dynamic can feel comfy and safe here. Are you looking for some sort of romantic or emotional connection instead of purely sex? Feeld might be the top couples dating site for you.

Each month, the site sees over 10 million message exchanges and creates over 700 thousand matches. You can feel confident you and your partner won’t be the exceptions to the site like you are on more mainstream platforms. There are plenty of users that are couples seeking a third for a triad relationship or a threesome, just as you may be. 

Since its launch in 2014, Feeld remains one of the most popular poly dating sites out there. Inclusive of 23 sexual orientations, feel connected here more than ever.


Easily one of the most popular dating sites on the web is Tinder. Its swiping technology makes over 1 million dates a week happen. As far as couples are concerned, that makes it a pretty popular hub for finding a third.

Whether you’re looking for something casual or trying to find a third partner to add to the dynamic, they could be waiting for you on Tinder. Plus, it’s free to create a profile and start swiping. You never know where the initial spark might come from, so this could be your sign to give the app a try.

However, do note that Tinder doesn’t directly advertise itself as a couples-friendly site. While that’s true, many couples have used it for threesomes or to explore their polyamory. 

Some couples even use it as a form of foreplay. Just picture it: swiping on all the potential thirds you and your partner could match with? It can get things hot and heavy quickly.


A must for this list is 3Fun, which is a mobile app designed to help users arrange threesomes and dates. Location-based, it’s one of the most widely used apps for polyamorous couples on the web.

The platform makes a point to help cater to those that are seeking alternative relationships. It also has a lot of valuable features in just its free base download alone. 

You have unlimited chat, can see who likes your profile immediately, and browse through other users’ photos. In addition, you can add private photos and even set location boundaries — which means you never have to risk the neighbors finding out (if you don’t want them to find out, that is).

As an added safety measure, 3Fun requires you to verify your photos. That means no bots or fake accounts, meaning less time wasted by you.

3Fun has a VIP subscription option, too, but the base account will usually get you what you want. Overall, it’s one of the top couples dating sites out there.


For the queer, gay, bisexual, and bicurious men in the world, Grindr is a platform that welcomes all types of men. While the site doesn’t officially sanction couples dating, there are plenty of gay couples that do it anyway.

You can create either a single account or two separate accounts and start exploring the local gay dating scene in your area. It’s important to specify your dynamic. Whether you’re in an open relationship seeking other single men yourself or as a couple, Grindr may have what you’re looking for.

And while it is primarily for men, heterosexual couples can see just as much traction on this hookup app. Generally, the man will want to set up the profile and take the lead here. Regardless, we couldn’t help but add Grindr to our top 7 couples dating site list. 


NoStringsAttached is a dating site that much like the name suggests is specifically for casual dating. This site is a great option for couples dating as the community is very open to extramarital affairs. 

Similarly to Ashley Madison the community here doesn’t mind if you’re married and are open minded to all things poly. So whether or not it’s just you or you and your partner NoStringsAttached is a great option. 

When you join the site you’ll be greeted by a sleek user interface with tons of locals in your area. You can filter by type or expectation to find your ideal unicorn.


Fetlife is a newer dating site that’s gained a ton of popularity in recent users. Sex positive podcaster Dan Savage is always raving about Fetlife as a go to place to date within a fetish and sex positive community. 

On Fetlife you’ll find any sort of relationship that’s out there. This community does not kink shame and is perceptive to almost anything. Set up your profile to mention whatever you as a couple are looking for in a third. 

This site values open mindedness and inclusiveness so feel free to be your most authentic self.

Reddit is a great place to find a third because the community is polyamory specific and free to join. 

One thing to note is that wanting a third partner for a casual fling and polyamory are very different. That’s not to say you can’t find both here but make your expectations clear. Polyamory means multiple lovers. Love being at the core of the practice. If you are simply looking for a casual place to meet a third, make that clear in your request. 

Reddit is a pretty simple forum. You won’t find sleek design but you will find an active community that is helpful and welcoming.

5 Tips for Couples in the Dating Scene

Before we dig in too far, we want to give you 5 tips to keep in mind. As a couple exploring the dating scene, especially online, we want to offer you friendly advice before you get started.

Create Your Profiles Together

You may opt to make a joint profile, or split it up into your own accounts. Regardless, it’s a great experience to tackle as a couple. 

Take an evening or even a day to sit down and craft something that helps you two stand out. Likewise, make sure you’re letting other users know exactly what your dynamic is. 

In your bios, list your desires and what your intention on the dating site is. You can even look through other dating profiles to get some inspiration for what to put. Make sure you add photos that include both of you, too.

Be Thoughtful from the Start

Listing your desires and intentions leads to this next tip. Transparency and thoughtfulness are big factors in the dating world. Now that your profile is set up, you must think about what you’d say for a first message.

As you start to get matches, you could come up with some one-liners that work. You could look at their profile and come up with something personal but playful to start with.

Transparency is a Must

There are some sites on our list where transparency isn’t such a big factor. If you’re swingers, though, you’ll generally want to be upfront about it to whoever you’re talking to. 

No one’s feelings are left on the table, no one’s disregarded. Everyone can still have a wonderful time. Honesty is what helps a lot of relationships flourish, no matter how casual.

Watch Out for Spam or Fake Messages

Some platforms offer extra security messages to purge fake accounts and spam messages. However, it’s still something to watch out for. Pay attention to how the user is responding. Likewise, never give away personal information like your password or information they could use to access anything of yours.

Immerse Yourself Fully in the Platform You Choose

Finally, cut loose and enjoy yourself with these dating sites. There are entire communities, forums, blogs, groups, and more to connect to people through. Immerse yourself fully in these dating sites as a couple and you’ll find the quality third you’ve been looking for.

How to Choose from the Top 7 Couples Dating Sites

We want to put the power of choosing a dating site in your hands as a couple. While we have our top recommendations, eventually you’ll find one among them that feels right. We’re going to show you the first things to consider as you’re going into this. 

Try Them All Out

Or, at least, try out all the ones that pique your interest. 

Eventually, you’ll find what fits best for you and your partner. It may surprise you which one you land on. 

Maybe your partner finds more of an interest in one and you find luck in another. Perhaps it was the dating site you were least expecting that gives you the best matches.

Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to give more than one a try.

Decide On Separate Profiles or a Couple Profile

Most of these steps you’ll want to discuss with your partner since it also involves them. Will you be creating a joint account, to make a couple’s profile? Or would you prefer to set up separate profiles?

Determine who’s going to use what account and then decide how much info you’re comfortable providing on your profile.

Free or Paid Membership(s)?

Next, will you be looking for free or paid plans? This may take some experimenting on your part. All of the sites we mention have free account options. However, each platform has varying levels of limitations with those free accounts.

Of course, a paid plan will always offer more and better features than the free version. Many memberships are between $15 and $30 per month. Consider if this is an investment you want to make. 

Otherwise, you’ll just want to use one of the dating sites that offers messaging features for free accounts. Fortunately, we’ve got couples dating sites like that in our guide.

Look at the Community

Take a gander at the current population of each dating site. What’s the community like? Is there a large enough dating size pool in your area for your tastes? This can be especially important depending on your thoughts towards the next point of advice.

Decide on a Dynamic

Finally, the last point of advice is that you should choose a dating site based on your relationship dynamic. 

Are you swingers looking for threesomes? Maybe you’re a polyamorous couple looking for a third partner in the relationship? 

Even if it’s something in between, decide on the relationship dynamic you’re comfortable with before you dive into these dating sites. 

Quality Control

If you try out multiple dating sites, you’ll notice the interface and even communities are different. Every platform has its perks, so you’ll just want to find one that matches your needs. 

We only recommend dating sites that have been proven to work for couples. Every couple is different, which is why we knew we couldn’t just recommend one.

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