Ed Asner dies at age 91

Ed Asner showed how agile he was by successfully playing the moody Lou Grant in both the comedy series and the drama.

Seven-time Emmy-winning actor Ed Asner, best known for playing journalist Lou Grant first in a comedy series and again in a drama, has died. He was 91 years old.

“I’m sorry to say that our beloved patriarch died peacefully this morning.” Asner’s family posted on his official Twitter account.. “Words cannot express the sadness we feel. Kiss your head-Good night dad. We love you.”

Azner was born on November 15, 1929 in Kansas City, Missouri.

His greatest and most famous television role was as Lou Grant, who demonstrated his versatility by playing Grant in two different ways.

In 1970, the world was introduced to Grant in the comedy “Mary Tyler Moore Show”. Grant was the news director of the fictional Minneapolis television station WJM. Grant was tough at the show, often angry, and was seen as a borderline alcoholic. But he can also be calm and misunderstood in his own way. Azner won four Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for her role.

Grant and several other characters were fired on the storyline when “Mary Tyler Moore” ended in the spring of 1977.

From there, Grant’s story continued with the five-season drama series “Lou Grant.” Grant moved to Los Angeles to work as a city editor for the fictional Los Angeles Tribune. Many of the Mannerisms that brought laughter in Grant’s previous iterations were toned down for the drama as the show built an episode about the social issues of the day. Asner won two more Emmy Awards and two globes for portrayal.

Azner then played dozens of small roles, but one of his greatest roles was the old man Karl Frederickson, who flew to his home Paradise Falls mounted on dozens of balloons with Pixar’s “up.” It was a voice.

Ed Asner dies at age 91

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