November 29, 2023

PhotoMarket has launched the FeiDu FM40, a mini wireless microphone with FM40 can be purchased in India for Rs 8,999. The microphone is perfect for Vloggers, amateurs and filmmakers as it allows for a very clear audio without noise.

The new FM40 is compatible with all devices including DSLRs, smartphones, computers and more.

The FM40 is affordable and suitable for all kinds of activities such as anchoring, live performances and interviews.It is available at PhotoMarket platform All major cameras and CE stores in the country. With a one-year parts replacement warranty, the microphone will be available soon on major e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

The new FM40 is compatible with all devices including DSLRs, smartphones, computers and more. This device is also great for livestreaming. To avoid noise and frequency interference, the microphone provides 57 channels for selection. The ultra-compact wireless microphone system incorporates an omnidirectional condenser capsule. The device can send high quality audio with true diversity transmission to a smartphone receiver or camera.

According to PhotoMarket founder Mayank Chachra, the FM40 “meets expectations in terms of aesthetics, quality, price and durability.” He added that Mike, an upgraded version of the FM50 and FM60, offers the best product to the audience while maintaining the standard of convenience.

The FM40 runs for more than 4 hours on a single full charge. It takes about 45 minutes for the microphone to fully charge. With a body weight of 38g and a length of 4cm, it is convenient to carry. It can be used as a clip-on microphone or with Lavalier, making it ideal for carrying around.

Mike’s unique half-hidden design makes it easy to wear when shooting.

The FM40 also has two antennas on the signal receiver. The microphone receives the signal through the antenna, compares it, and automatically selects the stronger one for output. This eliminates the possibility of the signal dropping out. The device can easily provide a long viable transmission distance of 80 meters / 265 feet.

The FM40 has a clear advantage over most wireless microphones on the market today.

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