From the dream of the pipe to the future development, the central district of Lima

Lima — Some might say that developing some dilapidated buildings on 200 blocks of South Central Avenue in Lima is a dream. But those who have a vision of what they can do launched an event called a groundbreaking event in the Central District on Saturday night.

In the evening I had the opportunity to learn more about live music, food trucks and projects from local talent.

“This is the latter part of Pipe’s dream,” said Denise Richards, a member of the Central District Corridor Commission. “That is, after the dreams and visions have been created, this brings together the right pieces, the right people, and the right like-minded people to put this type of project together to make it happen. It is the result of that effort. I will go. “

The Central District extends from East Spring Street to East Elm Street along South Central Avenue.

Earlier this summer, windows were installed in the UniCent building, creating an open space with many potentials.

“It consists of 201 buildings. Lisa Ashafa, Communication Director of the Central District Corridor, said:” The outdoor corridor is a social gathering place for people to gather and pour innovative juices. . “

The $ 5 million project is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

“It will be a technical space. There will be a 3D printer in the maker space. There will be space for woodworking and metalworking. There are two industrial kitchens to come and prepare. People with food trucks that need space will be able to come and use the facility. Startups can come and rent space to start a business. Meeting rooms, green screen rooms Yes, “says Richardson.

Frank Cage has his own marketing business, Cage Design Studio, and plans to rent out space in the building.

“I’m excited to be in a space where some of the technology is coming out of the city. What I’m doing, teaching some young men who are interested in the field of graphic design. I’m trying to keep some of that going on, but in reality there’s space in the city to do that. It’s very exciting to me. “

Development of the central district is underway in Lima.

The centerpiece of Lima’s central district, the building has new windows.

This is an aerial view of what the central district, completed in 2022, will look like.

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From the dream of the pipe to the future development, the central district of Lima

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