Hurricane Aida’s recovery can take weeks, energy companies say

As of Saturday morning, only about a quarter of Louisiana’s customers are recovering electricity.

A full restoration of electricity struck by hurricane Aida in some of Louisiana’s most devastated areas could take until the end of the month, a Louisiana Enter G official warned on Saturday.

Eda has damaged or destroyed more than 22,000 utility poles, including the hurricane Katrina, Zeta, and Delta. This is what Enter G’s president and CEO Philip May called “amazing.” Over 5,200 transformers broke down and nearly 26,000 spans of wire (stretch of transmission wire between poles) went down.

“The level of devastation makes it very difficult or nearly impossible to enter and fully evaluate in some places,” said May in the five parishes of southeastern Louisiana facing the longest delay. Said. The company plans a full-power recovery by September 29, but said May was “at the latest” date and hopes for an early recovery.

As of Saturday morning, 97% of the damage assessments were completed and power was restored to approximately 282,000 customers from the peak of 902,000 who lost power after Ida. Diana Rodriguez, president and CEO of Entertainment New Orleans, said that about a quarter of New Orleans’ residents have restored electricity, including all hospitals in the city. Twenty-seven substations say they are ready to serve their customers.

Six days after Hurricane Aida landed, there were still areas that were hit hard by Louisiana. I’m having a hard time getting back to normal.. Even around New Orleans, the continued lack of power of most residents made the hot and humid summer stretches intolerable and increased pain in the aftermath of Aida.Louisiana authorities Search on friday They said they shot and killed another man after waiting in a long line to fill up at a gas station outside New Orleans.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans said from Saturday that he would provide transportation to residents leaving the city to go to public shelters. It has already begun to move some residents out of their homes.

At Renaissance Place’s senior home on Friday, dozens of residents lined up to board a minibus with a wheelchair lift after city officials decided that the facility was in an unsafe condition and evacuated.

But Cantrell also encouraged residents to return to the city when their power returned, and said they could help relief efforts by accepting neighbors and families who were still in the dark. .. According to Entergy, almost all electricity should be back by Wednesday, but by Friday only a few urban dwellers were back.

The outlook was not as promising as the south and west of the city, which was completely struck by Aida’s wrath. The Sheriff’s Office in the Parish of Laforche warned returning residents about the difficult situation they were waiting for — little electricity, water, mobile phone services and petrol.

A few A parish on the outskirts of New Orleans was hit by winds of over 100 miles per hour (160 km) for hours.

President Joe Biden Arrived on Friday to investigate the damage Some of those locations toured the neighborhood of Laplace, a community between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, and were damaged by the devastating wind and water that cut off roofs and flooded homes.

The president also promised full federal support to the northeast. Aida’s remnants rained record-breaking, killing at least 50 people from Virginia to Connecticut..

At least 14 dead, including three nursing home residents, were accused of storms in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. People evacuated to a warehouse in Louisiana with hundreds of other seniors Before the hurricane. State health officials have begun investigating these deaths and a fourth investigation at a warehouse facility in the Parish of Tangipahoa. It states that the condition is unhealthy and unsafe.

The Department of Health reported an additional death on Friday — a 59-year-old man poisoned by carbon monoxide from a generator believed to be running in his house. Some deaths after the storm were blamed on carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur if the generator is improperly operated.

Deslatte was reported by Baton Rouge and Santana was reported by Marrero. New Orleans Associated Press writer Chevel Johnson; Jeff Martin of Marietta, Georgia. Sudhin Thanawala, Atlanta; Jeffrey Collins, Columbia, South Carolina contributed to this report.

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