Letter: We have become a selfish country

I am dissatisfied with the behavior of people who are resisting flu shots and masks. Do they shout “I have my rights” without considering the elderly, pregnant women, babies, or earners with young children who eat depending on their income?

How would you feel if they died because of your indifference and “rights”?

I’m a chicken with needles, but I was vaccinated because of my consideration for myself and others. Yes, masks are painful, and we hope they disappear, but I wear it. (No one tells me what to do!)

The Lima News article talked about civil servants, teachers, confused city council and school board meetings, and the physical violence and harassment used against mask shooting. Protests across the country are changing drastically. Parents deny their children’s education by keeping them home without alternatives.

Is it a mature way to solve the problem?

What happened during the Great Depression and World War II? The neighbor helped the neighbor. Distribution, power outage training, shortages and sacrifices were made for the war effort. We weren’t crazy about it, but we pulled together.

What is happening to us as a nation today?

Marlene Schulze


Letter: We have become a selfish country

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