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Another black girl from Zakiya Darilla Harris

26-year-old editorial assistant Nella Rogers is fed up with being the only black employee at Wagner Books. Tired of isolation and microaggression, she was thrilled when Hazel, who was born and raised in Harlem, started working in the cubicle next door. But when a series of unpleasant events promoted Hazel to office darling and Nera was left in the dust, they were just beginning to compare natural hair care regimens.

Hermione Hobby Virtue

Luka arrives in New York City for an internship in an elite but declining magazine and feels invisible. Among his peers is Zara, a young black woman whose keen wit and candid view of injustice creates tension in the office.

Unresolved land by Claire Fuller

The 51-year-old twins, Genie and Julius, live in the English countryside with their mother, Dot. The cottages they shared their lives with are their only protection against the modernized world around them. Inside that wall they make music and in the garden they grow everything they need to survive. To outsiders, it looks like poverty. For them, it’s their hometown.

Mrs. March of Virginia Fate

George March’s latest novel is Smash. No one would be as proud as his loyal wife, Mrs. March. A routine, polite and cautious creature, she lives in an unstable and controlled presence on the Upper East Side. One morning, the owner of his favorite patisserie suggested that his husband’s latest protagonist, Johanna, was based on Mrs. March herself. .. She clasps an ostrich leather notebook and mint-colored gloves and runs away from the store. What was this humiliation worth?


We’re Unbroken: Changing the Autism Conversation by Eric Garcia

Garcia was dissatisfied with the media coverage of autism and began writing about autism. The myth that the disorder is caused by a vaccine, a narrow depiction of people with autism as white men working in Silicon Valley. His own life as an autistic person did not look like that. Garcia realized that so many people with autism need to write what they have been saying for years. Autism is part of their identity and does not need to be corrected.

American Marriage: Michael Burlingame’s Secret Story of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd

Abraham Lincoln seems to have been one of the men who regarded “the bliss of communism” as an intolerable illusion. During the Civil War, he abandoned his army and returned home to forgive Union soldiers who married their lover. When the president signed a document that saved the lives of soldiers, Lincoln said:

Love people and use things: because the other side never works by Joshua Fields Millburn

Imagine a life with less things, less clutter, less stress, less debt and less dissatisfaction, less distractions. Now imagine more time, more meaningful relationships, more growth and contributions and a satisfying life. A life of passion undisturbed by the traps of the chaotic world around you. What you are imagining is a deliberate life. And to get there, you have to let go of the clutter that gets in the way.

Language of Truth: Essay by Salman Rushdie 2003-2020

Salman Rushdie is celebrated as the supreme narrator and reveals the truth about our society and culture through his gorgeous and often scorching prose. Today, his latest non-fiction collection brings together insightful and exciting essays, critiques and speeches focused on their relationship to written language, making him one of the most creative thinkers of our time. We are solidifying our position.

for children

Far, Feather, Finn, we are all relatives of Diane Lang

Humans share this planet with millions of fascinating animals. Some people have fur. Some have fins. Some have wings. Some have scales. Some animals, like apes, are very similar to us. Most animals look very different from us. However, humans and animals have much in common. We all need food, water and a healthy place to live. We all want to teach you how to take care of your baby with confidence and become a successful adult. Although this book is a guide to the classification of very young animals, it also encourages readers to think about how to care for the home, the planet, which we all share.

Age: 3-6

Lima Public Library Book Review

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