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After waiting for quite some time, the Maharashtra Government has finally released the revised Maharashtra Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2021 to allow potential EV buyers to complete their purchases and take advantage of higher subsidies. Revised edition announced on July 15 Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 We have specified increased subsidies (including basic and additional incentives) to lower EV prices to the lowest of all states. However, due to the delay in implementing the policy, car dealers could not clarify the process of paying subsidies, and buyers had to wait.

Maharashtra EV Policy 2021: Overview of the subsidy payment process

In a new notice, the Maharashtra government has outlined the process of claiming subsidies from EV manufacturers. The government is responsible for claiming demand-side subsidies from the automakers themselves to make life easier for buyers. Until the state’s transport department prepared a portal dedicated to subsidy claims, the government instructed manufacturers to file claims with the Department of Industry, either through the online portal or in the Mumbai office.

Manufacturers are required to submit state-registered EV details once every two weeks, along with invoice details and a signed affidavit, in order to submit a subsidy claim request. If the request is verified within 15 days, the OEM will receive the amount of the subsidy approved by the state government in the form of RTGS payment within 90 days.

Maharashtra EV Policy 2021: Subsidies to make electric motorcycles affordable

The government expects to account for virtually 10% of all new vehicle registrations in the state by 2025, so it will have the largest share of incentives as part of the revised Maharashtra EV Policy 2021. Is an electric motorcycle. The grant will be given to the first 100,000 electric motorcycle purchasers who are eligible for an incentive of 5,000 rupees per 1kWh of battery capacity (incentive limit: 10,000 rupees, twice the previous limit of 5,000 rupees).

The range of Ather 450 begins at Rs 1.03 lakh (in front of the showroom) in Maharashtra. Image: Ather Energy

It’s lower than what Gujarat offers, but Maharashtra gives early bird incentives of up to Rs 15,000 (for e-motorcycles with a 3 kWh battery) to those who bought a motorcycle before 31 days. Offers December 2021. This means that if the battery capacity of the selected e-two-wheeler is close to 3 kWh, the buyer will be eligible for a total of 25,000 rupees this year. In a tweet, Ather Energy CEO Tarun Mehta confirmed that the price of Ather 450 and Ather 450X will be the lowest in Maharashtra, India, thanks to the publication of the revised policy. Tech2 Was broken New price for Ather electric scooters in Maharashtra July 30th.

This policy benefits several electric motorcycle manufacturers such as Ather Energy, Ola Electric, Hero Electric, Okinawa Autotech and Revolt Motors, to name a few.Ora Electric – This is set to everything S1 electric scooter on sale this week – Both variations of the scooter, S1 and S1 Pro, are eligible for a full subsidy of Rs 25,000 offered and can greatly benefit from this policy. In fact, the price of the Ola S1 is expected to be 74,999 rupees (including state subsidies), which will be realized for at least the rest of 2021. Cheaper than most traditional entry-level petrol scooters..

The dual-battery Hero Electric Nyx E5 ER (claiming a range of 165 km) costs only Rs 38,000 in Maharashtra.Image: Hero Electric

Hero Electric, which mainly sells medium-speed electric scooters with a maximum speed of about 45 km / h, is currently priced in its model range. Well below 40,000 rupees It is in a state.Similarly, Okinawa Autotech, which handles high-speed electric scooters, has a model price of As low as Rs44,291Once again, the petrol scooter has been significantly undercut.

In Maharashtra, the price of electric scooters in Okinawa has dropped by 20,000 rupees. Image: Tech2 / Amaan Ahmed

The Revolt RV400 electric bike (currently priced at 1.08 larks) will effectively reduce the price to around 83,000 rupees. However, Revolt is currently not accepting orders and the final grant price for a motorcycle may vary depending on when it is relaunched.

With the road tax and registration exemption, the street prices for all electric motorcycles will be much closer to the cost in front of the showroom.

Maharashtra EV Policy 2021: Tata Motors in pole position to get the most out of all-terrain buggy subsidies

The basic incentives for electric vehicles and SUVs under Maharashtra’s EV Policy 2021 are the same as for e-two-wheelers. Rs5,000 per 1kWh of battery capacity. However, the subsidy is available for vehicles with a battery capacity of up to 30 kWh. This is an incentive totaling 1.5 rupees (50,000 rupees higher than the previous limit). It’s equivalent to what Gujarat and Delhi have to offer, but once again, sweetening the deal is an early bird incentive. If you purchased an electric vehicle or SUV before December 31, 2021, you will have an additional incentive of up to 1 larks and the total subsidy will be a substantial Rs2.50 larks.

The revised Maharashtra EV policy will help raise the price of Tata Motors EVs by up to Rs 2.50. Image: Tech2

Recently introduced with Tatanexson EV Tatati Goal EV Gyptron We are ready to take full advantage of the substantial incentives currently offered in Maharashtra. The two variations of the Tata Nexon EV (Base XM and Midspec XZ +) are eligible for a full Rs 2.50 rack subsidy, with pre-showroom prices dropping to Rs 11.49 racks and Rs 13.15 racks, respectively. All variations of the Tata Tigor EV Ziptron are eligible for the grant, and electric sedans are eligible for the total grant of Rs 2.30 larks, so prices drop from Rs 9.69 larks to 10.84 larks (in front of the showroom, including early bird incentives). increase. ); Makes India’s most affordable EV ever more accessible.

As a reminder, these prices are available on January 1, 2022, or with an early bird incentive available only to purchasers of the first 10,000 e-motorcycles and 1,000 e-four-wheeled vehicles. As soon as it runs out, it will increase by 1 rupee. Will be offered longer.

Maharastra aims to subsidize a total of 10,000 electric vehicle and SUV buyers under the revised policy, with electric vehicles accounting for 5% of state new vehicle registrations by 2025. I want To that end, we announced a new car introduced by the government. The fleet from April 2022 will be electricity only.

Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 Delayed, Electric Vehicle Prices Drop Significantly-Technology News, Firstpost

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