November 30, 2022

Biarik honored the opportunity to host a quiz show “as someone who is likely to make a mistake in’Jeopardy!’”.

Mayim Bialik thought he was busy during this time, but he wasn’t too busy.

In addition to starting production in the new season of Fox’s sitcom “Call Me Kat,” Biarik has returned to his role as “Jeopardy!”. Guest Host — The result of an open and nasty effort on a quiz show to replace the late Alex Trebek.

Mike Richards left as a newly created host (and producer) in August after comments from past offensive podcasts came to light. Biarik and “Jeopardy!” Champion Ken Jennings were brought in by Studio Sony while the search for hosts began anew.

Biarik was already hired as the moderator of “Jeopardy!”. Prime time and spin-off series including new college championships. She, Jennings, and Richards were one of the dozens of extraordinary hosts who fought for Ume’s work earlier this year.

Biarik didn’t speculate whether he would eventually be chosen by Sony, but he considers himself a member of the show’s “family” and has a season two “Call Me Kat” syndicate show. He said he was happy to help.

Back in the middle of the season, it starred Biarik as a single woman who changed her life by becoming the owner of a cat cafe, and when last seen, to Max (Cheyenne Jackson) and Oscar (Christopher Rivas). Captured during her affection.

Biarik, a cat parent who triples himself, is a spokeswoman for Prina’s Proplan LiveClear cat food line, developed to reduce cat allergens that can be irritating to humans.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Biarik discussed adaptation to “Jeopardy!”, Comedy direction, and past comments on vaccines.

AP: Was it “Jeopardy!” Is it a nasty mess for you, or can you keep yourself away?

Biarik: There are many conversations and we are all acclimatized to what is happening for weeks and weeks. I wasn’t surprised at all, so I didn’t have any problems. As someone who is likely to make a mistake in “Jeopardy!”, I am excited to be able to do as much as I can in my work. I’m really honored to be there.

AP: The guest host stint was presented as a tryout of the host’s work. Do you feel like you’re auditioning again?

Biariku: As far as I am concerned, I haven’t auditioned for anything anymore. I’m doing the job at hand and letting executives do what they need to do. For me, I’m becoming more and more accustomed to the word “Jeopardy!”, Which makes me feel that my crew and staff are consistent and really interested in maintaining integrity. Of the show.

AP: The hilarious character of “Call Me Kat” is the other side of Jim Parsons, the other side of the serious scientist who played in “Big Bang Theory”. Was it part of the show’s appeal?

Biarik: This was brought to me by Jim, whose production company had the rights to “Miranda” (the original British series). He said that if someone can get rid of adorable and also annoying things, it’s probably you.

AP: What are your plans for Season 2?

Biarik: We’re going to work on this kind of love triangle that we’re crazy about. And there are a lot of cast members who think they can carry more, so I’m looking forward to that happening. We have really nice and wonderful actors, and we want to see us learn more about their characters. And because I’m generally tired.

AP: Did you propose a storyline?

Biarik: Many aspects of our show and its original beliefs in American form were to emphasize some of the awkwardness and honesty of the women’s experience at 39-slash-40. There is a show that really impresses me because it showed me a different side of female characters like “Ally McBeal”. I point out to Alyssa Neubauer (series producer) all the annoyances that are happening to my body and say, “I’m sure you can make this interesting.”

AP: You are scrutinizing your work, including vaccines. How do you view risk given the career fallouts that others have experienced in past statements?

Biarik: When I wrote a book about parenting, my children were young and did not regret not having received all the vaccines.Now I have become very public and have declared that I am a vaccinated person, a vaccinated family member and have all vaccinations. COVID.. It’s part of the challenge of being a public figure, and public opinion courts are very important. Thanks to Sony and “Jeopardy!” Now I believe in me as a host and have the ability to do my job apart from everything else.

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