Mega Weekend-Greek Festival, Labor Day Art Festival, Free Family Fun and more!

2:00 pm on September 2, 2021
Anne Evans

Going out is a great weekend! Photo by Blue Bird of Pexels.

Here’s a summary of the fun things to do this weekend. Sparkling Joy, Marie Kondo’s new show has begun on Netflix. Enjoy the weekend!

Music and food festival

Live in Greek on weekends!

Mojo Flo Free concert At Columbus Commons.
Breakaway Music Festival This weekend.
NS Obets Zucchinifest It’s all weekends.
Please enjoy Greek festival During the weekend. (Bonus! Free tickets are available at Hills Market Downtown from today (Thursday) until the tickets run out. Up to 2 tickets per person). pit Opened in North Market Bridge Park.
Enjoy exploration Shine on Festival and Free..

Fun thing

Forrest Gump and Zoolander Nightlight 614 This weekend.
It ’s the last weekend of the actors ’theater, Secret garden..
fun Fete en Goose On Friday.
Damn girls take a party together in the skate zone Roll bounce..
Columbus Commons Free family fun day Saturday.
fun Ride the CBus on your bike..See some Vintage baseball..

Enjoy exploring art

The streetlight guild will reopen carefully Lance Johnson art..
Noise off I’m playing at the Garden Theater.
Speak easily Return to a creative and enjoyable night.
look Summer spray Go with an art project Gallery hop..
celebrate Walt “Wari” Neil Enjoy at MPACC Box Park Sound therapy Concert series.
Harrison West Jazz Stage It starts with the Alex Burgoin Quartet.
Exploring and ending the holiday weekend Upper Arlington Workers’ Day Arts Festival..

What else can I do this weekend?

Clippers play St. paul saints This weekend.
NS Gay Softball World Series I’m in town now.
OSU begins football season Against Minnesota You can watch the game at Gala Park.
Delicious dog present Wigs and Winnie..
Cruise in It’s happening in the Tempin array.Try new El Segundo..

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