November 30, 2022

Betty Reed Soskin officially became a National Park Service Ranger in 2004. She works at Rosie The Ribter / World War II Homefront National Historical Park.

Washington- National Park Service Betty Reed Soskin, the oldest active ranger, is celebrating her 100th birthday on Wednesday.

Born September 22, 1921 in Detroit, Michigan, Soskin Rosie The Ribter / World War II Homefront National Historical Park In Richmond, California.

Her career at the National Park Service began after attending a presentation in 2000 to formally develop the national park in which she is currently based. During the meeting, she said she had a “love-hate relationship” with Rosie. New York Times.. She explained that she believes that cultural icons only tell the story of white women.

Soskin officially became a ranger in 2004 in his 80s.

Prior to becoming a park ranger, he was a civil rights activist, musician, and pioneering businessman with a wealth of knowledge. The National Park Service explained in its profile earlier this year..

Soskin had already done a lot before joining the NPS. She founded one of the first black-owned record stores in the California Bay Area, wrote the song “Your Hand In Mine” about civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, and worked in the US Air Force in 1942. The NPS said she had left the army after learning that she was hired because “her boss believed she was white.”

In 2015, then-President Barack Obama awarded Soskin a presidential commemorative coin while lighting the National Christmas Tree. She was also named one of the “Women of the Year” by Glamor Magazine in 2018.

Rosie The Ribter / World War II Homefront National Historical Park to Celebrate Her Birthday Month Presentation We will distribute special virtual and limited edition ink stamps to honor Soskin.

“Without Betty’s influence, we wouldn’t have been able to tell so much about the stories that were previously left behind,” said Park director Tom Leatherman. The New York Times about Soskin.. “Betty has an amazing ability to share her story in a really personal and vulnerable way. People don’t know more about her, but they understand that they also have a story. increase.”

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