November 30, 2022

President Biden will accept the goal of immunizing 70% of the world’s population by the end of next year.

Washington, DC, DC — President Joe Biden will announce that he will double the purchase of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots and share it with the world with the goal of vaccinating 70% of the world’s population. next year.

The strengthened US commitment is that Biden will effectively form the basis of the global vaccination summit on Wednesday as a bystander to the UN General Assembly.

World leaders, aid organizations and health agencies around the world are increasingly speaking out about the slow pace of global vaccination and the inequity in access to shots between residents of rich and poor countries. increase.

By 2022, the US purchase will result in more than 1.1 billion vaccination commitments, according to two senior Biden administration officials who spoke anonymously to preview Biden’s remarks. At least 160 million shots supplied by the United States have been distributed to more than 100 countries, representing more donations than the rest of the world combined.

This purchase reflects only part of what is needed to achieve the goal of immunizing 70% of the world’s population and 70% of national citizens by the UN conference next September. Biden’s postponement of his weight is a goal promoted by a global aid group.

The White House said Biden would use the summit to pressure “commit to a higher level of ambition” in its vaccine sharing program, including certain challenges facing other countries. Officials said the White House would publicly announce the goals of wealthy countries and nonprofits after the summit.

The U.S. reaction is too modest, especially as the government advocates providing booster shots to tens of millions of Americans before even the first dose is taken by vulnerable people in poor countries. Has been criticized.

“We have observed that multilateralism cannot respond in a fair and collaborative manner to the most serious moments. The existing gap between nations in the vaccination process is unprecedented,” said Colombian President Ivan Duque. Said at the United Nations on Tuesday.

Over the past year, over 5.9 billion COVID-19 has been administered worldwide, accounting for approximately 43% of the world’s population. However, there are large disparities in distribution, with many low-income countries struggling to vaccinate even the most vulnerable parts of their population, and in some countries vaccination rates do not exceed 2% to 3%.

In a UN statement, Biden said on Tuesday that more than 160 million COVIDs, including 130 million surplus vaccinations and the first installment of more than 500 million shots that the United States has purchased for the rest of the year. -19 A world that acknowledges sharing vaccination with other countries.

Other leaders have made it clear in advance that this is not enough.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinella said the “victory” of rapid vaccine development was offset by the political “failure” that created unfair distribution. “In science, cooperation was widespread. Politics, individualism. In science, shared information dominated. In science, reserve. In science, teamwork dominated. In politics, isolated. Effort, “said Pinella.

According to the World Health Organization, only 15% of the promised donations of vaccines come from rich countries with large access. The United Nations Health Organization says it wants countries to “immediately” fulfill their dose-sharing pledges and make shots available to programs that benefit poor countries, especially Africa.

COVAX, a UN-backed program for shipping vaccines to all countries, suffers from production problems, supply shortages, and nearly cornering of the vaccine market by wealthy countries.

WHO urges vaccine manufacturers to prioritize COVAX and publish supply schedules. It also appeals to wealthy countries to avoid widespread deployment of booster shots to make doses available to healthcare workers and vulnerable people in developing countries. Such calls have been largely ignored.

COVAX misses almost all of its vaccine sharing goals. The manager also lowered their ambition to ship the vaccine by the end of this year from the initial goal of about 2 billion doses worldwide to 1.4 billion now. Even that mark can be overlooked.

As of Tuesday, COVAX has shipped more than 296 million shipments to 141 countries.

The 70% global goal is ambitious, especially for the experience in the United States.

Biden has set a goal of immunizing 70% of the U.S. adult population by July 4, but the country was unable to reach that goal until a month later due to continued hesitation in the vaccine. .. Almost 64% of the entire US population is vaccinated at least once, and less than 55% are fully vaccinated, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

U.S. authorities will encourage the use of vaccination obligations and will immunize children after regulators have cleared immunizations for populations under the age of 12 in the coming months. I want to increase the number.

Aid groups warn that persistent inequality risks spreading a pandemic, which can lead to new and more dangerous variants. While existing vaccines have been effective in preventing almost all serious illnesses and deaths, the raging delta mutants across the United States have proven to be more contagious than the original strain.

President Biden doubles vaccine purchases

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