December 7, 2023

Realme smartphones are allegedly exploded, as shown by user posts on social media. The smartphone is a Realme XT that appears to have been completely destroyed due to an explosion allegedly happened earlier this week. The company has already sent an answer to address user concerns. This is the second Realme XT that has been reported to have exploded. The first one happened last year when a smartphone exploded just hours after a user bought it.

According to Twitter user Sandip Kundu Realme XT What his friend owned exploded earlier this week. Kundu notified the company of the issue by tagging the company’s vice president Madhav Sheth with a tweet, which seems to have worked. The company replied to the tweet with a Realme India Support account that apologized for the incident. The company asked Kundu to share the details of the affected users so that they could investigate the issue further. Real me Later it said he contacted the user and asked him to visit the nearest authorized service center, further promising to resolve the issue.

The exact details of the explosion are not yet known, nor is it known if the smartphone was under warranty. News18 asked Realme for comment, further confirming that the company acknowledged the issue and is working on a solution without elaborating on the issue or what solution they are considering.

This is the second time the Realme XT smartphone has exploded. The last incident happened shortly after the user bought a smartphone. At that time, the company said that applying external force to the device caused problems.

Realme XT was launched in India in September 2019. The smartphone has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display and is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chipset. The smartphone features a quad rear camera setup and sells for Rs 16,999 at Realme’s official online store.

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Realme XT smartphone explodes, company confirms

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