November 29, 2023

Samsung’s next-generation operating system, One UI4.0 Released in beta for users of Samsung Galaxy S21 series.Samsung has started the program at Galaxy S21 Series users who can participate in Android 12Experience new features and a redesigned UI with the base OneUI 4.0 beta program.Beta program is intended to be provided by the user Samsung We provide feedback and help companies improve their operating systems in the future. The sign-up and feedback submission process can be done from the Samsung member app. Galaxy S21Galaxy S21 +, And that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra..

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is the only smartphone series accepted in the One UI 4.0 beta program. However, other models may participate by the end of the year. Samsung One UI 4.0 states that it provides users with “the power to tailor their own optimized mobile experience in a mobile world where everyone has their own needs and preferences.”Apart from this, Samsung has a new version of One UI Android 12 Created using input from developers to provide the tools and innovations needed to create high quality apps and experiences.

Samsung One UI 4.0 is based on Android 12 Introduces an operating system (OS) and new and improved customization and privacy features. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in some markets can enroll in the beta program via the Samsung Members app on their device. Participants can preview the One UI 4 design and new features and submit feedback directly from the Samsung Members app. “Samsung’s One UI user interface brings a unified mobile experience to Galaxy smartphones through simplified, streamlined interaction and a clean and elegant design,” Samsung said in a post announcing the beta program.

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Samsung One UI 4.0 Beta Program Launched for Galaxy S21 Series Users in Some Markets

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