Two suicide bombings outside Kabul Airport. 13 dead – News-Herald

Kabul, Afghanistan — Thursday, a crowd of two suicide bombers and shooters gather near Kabul Airport during a period of massive airlift decline that attracted thousands of people trying to escape the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Targeted. At least 13 people were killed and 15 were injured, according to Russian officials.

US officials said the complex attack was “arguably believed” to have been carried out by a group of Islamic State. Afghanistan’s affiliates of the Islamic State group were born of dissatisfied Taliban members who have a more extreme view of Islam.

At least 13 people were killed and 15 were injured, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also confirmed the blast, saying one was near the airport entrance and the other was right next to the hotel.

U.S. officials said U.S. military members were among the injured. Officials discussed ongoing activities, subject to anonymity.

Authorities said evacuation flights from Kabul Airport, which the Western government had previously warned, continued to be targeted, even when the area was hit.

According to Adam Khan, an Afghanistan waiting nearby, an explosion occurred in a crowd of people waiting to enter the airport. He said some people appeared to have been killed or injured, including those who lost parts of their bodies.

Some countries urged people to avoid the airport early in the day, saying there was a threat of suicide bombing. However, few people listened to the call in just a few days, or even hours in some countries, when evacuation activities ended.

Last week, the airport was some of the most scorching images of America’s longest war chaotic end and Taliban takeover. Post-flight flights carried people afraid of returning to the brutal rule of extremists.

Already, some countries have completed evacuation and have begun withdrawing soldiers and diplomats, marking the beginning of one of the greatest airlifts in history. The Taliban promised not to attack Western troops during the evacuation, but foreign troops insist that they must leave the country by the US voluntary deadline of 31 August.

Overnight, the western capital issued a warning about threats from members of the Islamic State group in Afghanistan.

British Minister James Heappey told the BBC earlier Thursday that there was “a very credible report of an imminent attack” at the airport, perhaps within “a few hours.” Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said his country had received information from the United States and other countries about the “threat of suicide bombings against the masses.”

Ross Wilson, deputy US ambassador to Kabul, said the nighttime security threat at Kabul Airport was “clearly considered credible, imminent and compelling.” However, in an interview with ABC News, he did not provide details and did not state whether the threat remained.

After a while, a blast was reported. According to the White House, US President Joe Biden was briefed on the explosion.

At the end of Wednesday, the US Embassy warned citizens of the three airport gates to leave immediately due to unspecified security threats. Australia, Britain and New Zealand also advised citizens not to go to the airport on Thursday, saying the Australian Foreign Minister “had a very high threat of terrorist attacks.”

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid denied the imminent attack in response to these warnings.

Earlier Thursday, someone fired a cannon of tear gas elsewhere, and the Taliban tried to drive the crowd away by spraying water cannons at people gathered at an airport gate.

Nadia Sadat, a 27-year-old Afghanistan, took her 2-year-old daughter out of the airport. She and her husband, who were working with the Allies, couldn’t answer a call from a number they believed to be the State Department and were unlucky trying to get into the airport. Her husband was moving forward in the crowd trying to get them inside.

“Our lives are at stake, so we must find a way to evacuate,” Sadat said. “My husband received some threatening messages from an unknown source. He has no chance but to escape.”

Then, while Sadat was waiting, gunshots echoed throughout the area. “There is anarchy because of the huge crowd,” she said, accusing the United States of turmoil.

Fifty-year-old Aman Karimi took her daughter and her family to the airport. I was afraid that the Taliban would target her for cooperation with her husband NATO.

“The Taliban have already begun to look for people who have worked with NATO,” he said. “They are looking for them home by night at night.”

Many Afghans share those fears. Hardline Islamic groups regained control of the country about 20 years after being expelled in a U.S.-led aggression following the 9/11 attacks organized while al-Qaeda was protected by the group. ..

U.S. officials said Wednesday’s warning from the embassy was related to certain threats, including Islamic State groups and potential vehicle bombs. Authorities did not have the authority to discuss ongoing military operations, so they spoke on condition of anonymity.

Sunni militants carried out a series of brutal attacks, primarily targeting a Shiite minority in Afghanistan. In 2020, a maternity hospital in Kabul was attacked, killing women and toddlers.

The Taliban have fought against Islamic State militants in Afghanistan. However, the IS fighter was likely released from prison along with other prisoners during the Taliban’s rapid advance. The militants may have seized heavy weapons and equipment abandoned by Afghan troops.

With warnings and the pending withdrawal of the United States, Canada has terminated its evacuation and European countries have prepared to suspend or suspend their operations.

“The reality on the ground is that the area around the airport is closed. The Taliban tightened the rope. At this point it is very difficult for anyone to get over.”

Lieutenant Colonel Georges Eiden, the army representative of neighboring Luxembourg in Luxembourg, said Friday marks the official end of the US allies. However, two Biden administration officials denied that was the case.

A third official said the United States worked with its allies to coordinate the departures of each country, with some countries demanding more time and being granted it.

“Most of them depart later in the week,” he said, adding that some were shut down on Thursday. All three staff members were not allowed to discuss the information publicly, so they spoke on condition of anonymity.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex told RTL Radio that his country’s efforts would stop on Friday night. Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen frankly warned that “entering and exiting Kabul is no longer safe.”

The last flight in Denmark has already departed, and Poland and Belgium have also announced the end of evacuation. The Dutch government said the United States had told it to resign on Thursday.

But Pentagon spokesman Kirby said some planes would continue to fly.

“Evacuation activities in Kabul do not end in 36 hours. We will evacuate as many people as possible until the mission is completed,” he tweeted.

The Taliban said it would allow Afghans to depart on commercial flights after the deadline next week, but it is unclear which airline will return to the airport controlled by the militants. Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Karin said talks are underway between the country and the Taliban on helping Turkish private experts operate the facility.

The Taliban promised to bring Afghanistan back to security and would not seek revenge on those who opposed it or slow down human rights progress. However, many Afghans are skeptical.

Afghan journalist Ziar Yad of commercial broadcaster Tolo News said a Taliban fighter had confiscated cameras, technical equipment and cell phones when he and his colleagues were beaten and attempted to report on Kabul’s poverty. ..

“This issue is shared with the Taliban leaders, but the perpetrators have not yet been arrested and pose a serious threat to freedom of expression,” Yad wrote on Twitter.

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