What kind of school will you return to?

When I was in public school, a TV ad asked, “It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your child is?”

Better questions today are: Do you know what your children are taught and exposed to at school? “

This summer’s controversy over the teachings of critical race theory and whether to wear masks is only part of the question. If the children were allowed to use the changing rooms, toilets and showers that were reserved for what they used to call girls and boys, claiming to be of a different gender than when they were born, that is what we do. A solid education that further erodes the morals and values ​​that were once considered part.

In addition to this, there is a bill passed by the Oregon Legislature and signed by Governor Kate Brown. The bill suspends testing of essential skills for students to graduate from high school, despite the uproar from their parents. This is where educational institutions are heading.

The “reasonable” behind the law is that minorities have not been well tested. Isn’t it a racist? Why doesn’t the school focus on raising students of all races and backgrounds to the norm, rather than lowering the bar to make diplomas worth less than Confederate money? ??

Since the 1960s, many public schools have been used by secular progressives to educate children with the explicit goal of turning them into credible and liberal voters. It began with the abolition of prayer and Bible reading, went on to a compulsory bus (which should have improved the education of minority students, but the results were mixed), and is now at the stage of gender identity, with teachers telling students. You have to ask which pronoun they like. Can you reliably predict who will come next?

A preview of one of the upcoming distractions came earlier this month when the Board of Education in Loudoun County, Virginia voted 7-2 to pass a policy on “transgender and student rights to expand gender.” rice field. Violent protests by parents were ignored.

In the past, the sky was the limit of what hard-working students could achieve. There seems to be no limit to the depth we can rush into now. Success should not be respected, everyone wins trophies and failures are eliminated.

China has another reason to celebrate following the troublesome withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Chinese students far outperform their international classmates in reading, math and science. According to the 2018 results of the Program for International Student Assessment, US students are ranked 25th in the world in science, reading and math. China was the first. Even Slovenia and Ireland outperformed us.

Public schools may be America’s oldest monopoly. The government has dismantled other monopolies such as telephone companies, but public schools remain intact. Initially, the school met in a church. When they acquired their building, they continued to teach the basic subject. Magaffy leaders were widely used in public schools from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. They contained sayings about the virtues of honesty and diligence, even in passages of the Bible. Today, especially in many urban schools, metal detectors are available and include metal detectors. Does anyone see the connection?

Students once made a pledge of allegiance before class began. Pledges have been revoked in some schools. The explanation is that many children come from other countries.

According to the State Board of Education, there are currently 27 voucher programs in 16 states and the District of Columbia. For those who support the choice regarding abortion, it is hypocritical to oppose the choice for education of children who are lucky enough to be born.

Expanding school options to all states should be a major issue in the next two elections. Parents and children, especially minorities, prove the difference that their ability to choose a good school has made in their lives.

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What kind of school will you return to?

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