November 30, 2022

At the current pace, the first Marvel movie starring an Asian superhero, Xiangqi, could be the top summer release at the North American box office.

New York – “Legend of Xiangqi and Tenring” According to Sunday’s studio estimates, it remained at the top of the box office, raising $ 35.8 million in ticket sales over the second weekend.

That total was enough for the best second weekend gloss of any pandemic movie, framing the previous Marvel movie “Black Widow”. This year, relatively few movies are shown in theaters, either because they are streaming at home at the same time, or because movie fans are losing attention.

“Xiangqi” was shown only in theaters, and the decline in the second week was relatively mild at 53%. In the two weeks since its release, it has generated $ 247.6 million in revenue worldwide. The current pace of “Xiangqi” could be the first Marvel movie starring an Asian superhero (played by Simu Liu) to be the top summer release in the North American box office. Globally, the path is not very clear. “Xiangqi” is currently in China. Around the world, Universal’s Fast and Furious sequel, F9, is far superior to any other pandemic release, with ticket sales of over $ 714 million.

$ 90 million in 4 days Weekend opening for Workers’ Day in Xiangqi It was widely seen as a promising sign for the industry amid the surge in coronavirus in the United States. On Friday, Disney announced all of the remaining 2021 releases, including Marvel’s “Eternals.” Open only in theaters, Will not land on Disney + at the same time. That was the beginning of “Black Widow” Proceedings from Star Scarlett Johansson..

Warner Bros. ‘ “Malignant” James Wan’s horror thriller was the only major new contest for “Xiangqi.” Made a soft debut for $ 5.6 million. Overseas, $ 6.3 million was added from 69 markets. Like all Warner Bros. released this year, it was released on HBO Max for “malignant” subscribers. The studio says it will return to its debut movie next year with an exclusive theater window.

Disney also came in second this weekend due to the weak debut of “Malignant”.Ryan Reynolds action comedy “Free Guy” In the fifth week of its release from Disney’s 20th Century Studios, it earned $ 5.8 million, bringing the domestic total to $ 101.5 million. It has earned $ 276 million worldwide.

The specialty film business has also shown signs of life for the fall season.Immediately after Premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Paul Schrader “Card counter” Launched for $ 1.1 million in 580 theaters for Focus Features, starring Oscar Isaac. In the film, Isaac plays a professional gambler with a dark military past.

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