September 26, 2023

Finding out that extra wayDespite being a subscription-based platform, OnlyFans also offers users several other ways to make money from using the website. But you’ll need to understand the platform well before setting your prices. The company currently boasts more than 50 million registered users and 2 million content creators.

to make money can make all the difference in your finances. OnlyFans is one popular platform that offers that extra cash to your wallet, and there are no rigorous processes to getting started. OnlyFans is often associated with nudity and adult content because of its unrestricted content policy. However, it has also made successful industry creators in other areas, including modeling, fitness, and design.

OnlyFans is a social platform that allows creators to earn from their works by charging fans a small fee (monthly or yearly) to follow their accounts and access exclusive content. It was established in 2016 by a Tech entrepreneur named Timothy Stokely in London. Creators decide how much they charge, receive 80% of it, and 20% goes to the company.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

OnlyFans has a sole focus on helping creators showcase their creativity and earn from their works. With this, creators can create and distribute top-level premium content that can hardly be found elsewhere and can either be accessed for free or paid, depending on the creator’s choice.

Creators are allowed to create their preferred content at no cost and can charge fans who find their accounts fascinating and are willing to follow them. Fees charged on various accounts are determined by creators. The process of charging fans is a process that must be carefully done considering a few factors in the way the platform works.

20% of whatever fans pay to creators is retained by the company, while creators receive the remaining 80%. And since most OnlyFans content is explicit, users must have attained 18 and need to sign up with a government-issued Identity card.

OnlyFans has tight policies to safeguard creators’ content. For instance, users are not allowed to screenshot other people’s content. And any move of such will instead display a screen blackout. Users can get banned if they are caught trying to screenshot other people’s work. Furthermore, premium content remains concealed until fans subscribe to the creator’s profile. In essence, users’ access is only guaranteed once a monthly subscription has been done. You’ll even be permitted to message some creators directly.

Usually, subscription charges can range between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. However, while most users go for the monthly plans, subscription bundles of 6 or 12 months come at cheaper rates. Loyal subscribers, too, enjoy some perks.

You may also find accounts using the OnlyFans finder that allows you to access actual content for free, but this is not commonplace on OnlyFans. However, you’ll likely get teasers for free.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans

To get started with cashing out on OnlyFans, there is a compulsory procedure you must complete.

First, Create An Onlyfans Account

Signing up on the platform is not hard. Sign up with your email address and a unique password, and you are good to go with account creation. You can also create one using an active Google or Twitter account. You’ll need to choose a display name with some additional details.

Next, agree to the provided terms and conditions, and you’re all set. In addition, you can adjust your profile to reflect whatever your brand represents.

Choose a Nice OnlyFans Name

Pick a nice name with which you’ll like to be known on the platform. It could be your real name or a pen name that helps to reflect your kind of person and the ideas you’ll be working around.

People who are already physically popular often prefer to go with the names everyone knows them by. This makes it easier for their fans to find them on the platform. However, the other categories of people do not want people who already know them offline to identify them on the platform, so they choose a fake name.

But then, whatever name you are picking should be a catchy one that can be easily spelled and remembered.

Setup Your OnlyFans Page

After choosing a name and going live, check out your tabs and set up your account. You’ll be able to add posts, photos, audio, and videos.

You can post a status update, add a poll, do a voice record, set a post expiry date, add a post price, and schedule a post. Several tools would help to reflect your creativity to engage your fans. You’ll also be able to persuade them to purchase your gated content and/or provide you with tips.

For instance, your new status update could tease your fans about some fascinating content you’ll be dishing out at a particular time but can only be accessed via DM.

Start Promoting Your OnlyFans Account

Getting your feet in the beginning as a newbie can be quite hard, especially if you have so many people who already create your kind of content. However, some strategies you can leverage to build your fanbase include sharing your profile links across relevant platforms, linking your account with your OnlyFans page, or opening your account for a free subscription.

Then, Start Making Money on OnlyFans

Making money on OnlyFans is quite interesting. Of course, you can earn via subscriptions, but it is often better as a starter to offer free subscriptions. You can also earn via paid DMs, trading personal wares and tips.

It is generally advised that you charge between $10 and $15 for a subscription. The reason is that with a $4.99 minimum charge permitted on the platform, you can decide to play around with discounts when you charge more. For example, to attract new fans to your account.