November 29, 2023

Dating a cop apparently appears like a challenging adventure but can be extremely thrilling if you’re into it. Don’t worry, he probably won’t jump in and start policing your life like some may expect a cop to do. But he may take your speeding on the roads a little more seriously than a regular boyfriend. 

People often suggest that dating a cop is lonely because they always have life and death problems to solve and you may become secondary to that. While a cop’s job is always risky and a little messy at times, dating a cop does not mean you always have to suffer for it. 

If your partner who is a cop loves you and appreciates you, then there is not much that you should be worried about. At the end of the day, who they are on the inside matters much more than who they choose to be. But there are many pros and cons of dating a cop, just like when you’re dating anybody else. 

The Top 5 Pros Of Dating A Cop 

Don’t be petrified of dating a cop because they’re the harbingers of ethics or seem like control freaks. But don’t be too enamored by their hunky and confident side either. 

The best dating a cop advice is to remember that you are dating a person with unique responsibilities that call for many different personality traits. Here are the top 5 pros of dating a cop:

1. They are natural leaders 

If you think you are getting attracted to a cop, you may be getting attracted to that natural leadership quality that is visible in their everyday activities. Cops are trained to make heavy decisions, manage time and calculate risks. 

They are not fickle-minded or hesitant because their line of work just does not call for that. Dating a cop is like dating a self-assured person who can work independently without being frazzled by anything. So, being a police officer girlfriend can be reassuring. No matter what life or your relationship may throw at them, they will be always be up for dealing with the challenge.

2. You will always feel safe around them 

Probably the best thing about dating a cop, no matter how selfish it may sound, is that it will always feel like you have a safety net around you. Even noises in the kitchen at 2 am will not easily alarm you when you are sleep next to your cop partner because you know they can handle it. 

Going to bars, walking on the beach late at night may all seem like activities you can do with more ease. This is because you will always feel like you have a person who can back you up if things go wrong. And, girls, you know that feeling of security does not come easy. But, when you make a cop fall in love with you, know that safety, security, and a feeling of groundedness come as part of the package. And it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

3. The sex is great too

Someone who is trained to be fit not just for health but for combat will have a lot of stamina and a generally good sex drive. Good sex can kiss your worries away. Dating a cop means you can always enjoy some hot sex because a cop will be physiologically adept at it. 

Moreover, they are passionate human beings because they live so close to danger that they want to make the best of each happy moment.  This means that the honeymoon period may never end when you are dating a cop. Once you make a cop fall in love with you, know that they will take care of all your cravings and kinks and you will fall into bed every night exhausted yet fully satisfied. Bonus points if you are into rough sex, because the sheer strength in those muscular arms can lift you up and make your kinkiest dreams come true in the blink of an eye. So, when dating a cop, expect wild, passionate sex every night to your heart’s content.

4. They are respected in the community 

It is a special feeling when you are able to not just love but also admire your partner for what they do. Dating a cop means dating a person who commands society’s respect. Cops are the protectors, fighters, and sacrificers of society. They put their lives in line everyday to protect everyone in the community. Honestly, what is there to not adore about that? 

Dating a cop is like dating a real life superhero. You will always be able to look up to them and feel proud of what they do. And, while that may mean some restless nights full of worry for their lives, being a police officer girlfriend is honestly worth the anxiety.

5. They are self sacrificing 

Cops are people who think of others first. This translates to a cop’s personal life too since they become used to thinking of others first. One good thing about dating a cop is that they will always consider your feelings and think of you first. Remember to not abuse that privilege, though, because cops can spot crooked behaviour from a mile away. Respect them and treat them well and they will take care of you, your physical and your emotional needs and wants no matter what.

The Top 5 Cons Of Dating A Cop 

Cops are not just handsome hunks who are all muscles and bravery. They are as trained to spot guilty behaviour in people and to be extra sensitive to people’s needs and moods. Dating a sensitive man can be a good thing, yes. While they definitely are all sensitive, sometimes their training can make them suspicious of everyone around them. They know that things can go wrong in the blink of an eye and may have trouble relaxing and not going into battle mode everytime they hear a crash. This may sometimes make it difficult to deal with dating a cop. 

But, while dating a cop problems are many, they are not impossible for people to deal with. Here are some cons that you can watch out for. 

1. It can be harrowing for you 

Being attracted to a cop may mean a life full of passion and securtiy. But it also comes with the constant worry about your partner’s well-being. From simple wounds from chasing someone to actual gunshots, cops are at the risk of it all. And this may leave you wondering it’s worth all the trouble. 

Is dating a cop a good idea? When you are dating a cop, have to deal with the anxiety that comes with being with someone who puts their health and safety on the line for others everyday. Selflessness is the name of the game when dating a cop, because your partner is duty-bound to care about others first and themselves later. So, while you may be proud of their successes, you will always be too scared of their downfalls. 

2. Cops are prone to corruption 

It is hard to say this out loud but is often true. Cops are prone to being corrupt because their occupation is complicated that way. There’s a lot that goes on behind closed doors that we may not know or even understand. They are constantly under pressure from political parties and big shot criminals and have to decide whether to put themselves and their family or their duties first.

Choosing duty over personal lives can put them at constant risks. Perhaps that’s why so many cops veer towards a corrupted life. And, while you may not condemn them entirely, you might also not be able to overlook your partner’s corrupt activities, especially if their actions stem from different political views

3. They undergo a lot of trauma 

One thing people often do not talk about is the PTSD and emotional suffering that cops undergo. While we applaud their bravery, we often overlook that it comes at a heavy cost. 

Your partner may be suffering from or may develop PTSD or have panic attacks for they are always exposed to many gruesome realities of the world. These are realities that they cannot share and they become ingrained in their everyday existence. The trauma and constant suspicion can also affect your personal lives.

People wonder, “Are police officers controlling in relationships?” Unfortunately enough, the answer to that is often yes. They have an innate need to control the situation around them because of their training and the daily realisation that things can go wrong in a split second if not handled carefully. This means that they may treat you with a certain distrust and can lead them to dominate the relationship. So, communication and awareness are key when dating a cop.

4. There will always be something that you will not know 

While dating a hotshot cop makes you feel special, there is always going to be an air of mystery around your partner. There are times they will be going places that they cannot tell you about or town crime secrets that will always be secrets to you. 

One of the tips for dating a cop requires you to sometimes turn a blind eye to what they do, where they are going, or who they are meeting. You cannot pester them with questions because it is simply their job to not answer you. 

5. They may not have the time for emotions 

While cops are entitled to real experiences just like everybody else, they may not have the time for something real. The big question always remains – What does a cop look for in a relationship? 

With the everyday risks and long work hours every single day, they may just be looking for relationships that they can walk in and out of. They might just want to come home to casual sex at the end of the day.

Committing seriously adds a whole range of challenges to be dealt with that every cop may not be ready for. That’s why you must watch out for what your partner truly expects and wants out of this.

Our Verdict – What Is It Like Dating A Cop? 

We do not think a single profession can make a person good or bad for a relationship or for dating. Men and women are allowed to choose a profession that appeals to them and weave a dating life around it that suits them. All that we can tell is you what you should expect. 

According to us, dating a cop has a bunch of bonuses. It means dating a resilient person who cares for the people around them and has a sharp mind. One thing that really sets them apart is that they understand human and criminal minds very well and are extremely intelligent when it comes to dealing with people. 

Not to mention, that they are extremely fit and good-looking. If these things matter to you, you will probably love dating a cop. 

On the other hand, while they are attractive in so many ways, they may not always make themselves available to you in the way that you want. They may love you but just cannot give you the time and energy even if they want to. Their first love is their duty which they will not sacrifice at any cost. 

Dating a cop is like dating an honorable person who is highly intelligent. However, that same person may also be a mystery to you in some ways and you will have to keep it that way. 

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